Anniversario della firma dello Statuto Siciliano
Mazara del Vallo 13 - 14 - 15 Maggio 2005

Presentazione della manifestazione

"Autonomy Days"

clicca per ingrandireL'Altra Sicilia association of international rights for protection of Sicily and Sicilians "from both sides of the Lighthouse", informs the Sicilian people scattered all over the world that, after 59 years from the obtaining of the Special Autonomy, we obtain to celebrate the recurrence on May 13th - 14th - 15th 2005 in Mazara del Vallo. Our association launched this celebration which represents a great popular festival, rather than a meeting of politicians and intellectuals.

This meeting will be, in our auspices, not only an occasion in order to remember the 59 years of self-government, with its limits, its hopes and the proposals for the future, but also a great occasion in order to celebrate the identity, for too long time denied, of the Sicilian People.

Festival of Autonomy therefore, but also festival of Sicily and Sicilians that, in Sicily or in foreign land, have always in mind their earth and carried it out its name.

There will be events, shows, conferences, exposures and initiatives on which L'Altra Sicilia is being engaged in order to be on a high level like our earth and our people deserves.

We invite, therefore, all the sicilian brothers and sisters to come back in those days and to promote the event to friends. It could become an appointment for "diaspora" of a people forced to find its own fortune elsewhere; it will depend on all of us, how much we will believe in ourselves and how many people will be with us in those days.

Viva la Trinacria, Viva il Vespro e Viva la Sicilia!

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